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What to Expect on Your First Chiropractic Visit

All great journeys start with a little step!

What to Wear

There is no required dress code for visiting a chiropractor, but it’s always better to wear comfortable clothes to avoid unnecessary discomfort during your physical tests and examination. For instance, if you have a knee or leg injury, don’t wear a short skirt, because you will have to raise and/or bend your knees or legs.  

Personal Information and Medical History

You will be asked to fill out the following information on patient intake forms:

  1. Insurance Carrier and/or Payor Information.
  2. What is the nature of your visit.
  3. What is your health history, including the doctors you have seen for your current condition prior to your visit.
  4. Information asking more specific questions about your condition, daily activities, and your home and occupational settings.

This information about your current and past conditions will better enable Dr. Ryan to evaluate and determine the possible cause of your condition, thus arriving to a better selection of what chiropractic method to use.

Physical Exam

The physical exam is a thorough process wherein the following is checked: vital signs such as pulse, breathing rates, and blood pressure; your reflexes; orthopedic and neurological tests; muscle tone, strength, and range of motion of the affected area will be tested; you might also be asked to execute specific movements to determine how well your body performs.

Diagnostic Testing and Development on Your Chiropractic Visit

When all the gathered information and your physical exam has been evaluated, your chiropractor will discuss with you her/his diagnosis of your condition and treatment recommendations. Depending on the examination, you may need to have an x-ray , MRI, and/or some laboratory tests. You may be recommended to make a follow-up appointment. The severity of your condition and the selected chiropractic method will determine the number of visits you may have to make. Depending on your condition, you may also be recommended to get supplemental therapy such as acupressure/acupuncture, cranio-sacral-therapy, laser therapy, massage, physical therapy, or take supplements (e.g. vitamins or herbs). Dr. Ryan will make these recommendations if he thinks it will lead to a faster recovery or allow your body to heal itself better or more completely.

Your first visit will be a factor of how long the examination and tests will take. Most patients’ first visits to a chiropractor will usually be just under an hour. The first chiropractic adjustment/treatment will typically occur on the first visit, but not always. Don’t expect an instant full recovery on your first visit! In most cases you can expect an improvement. In some cases, you may not notice this improvement right away. Chiropractic helps the body to heal itself during the course of care, so maintaining your chiropractic care plan is necessary not only for pain relief, but also to achieve a full rehabilitation.