Pregnancy and Spinal Pain

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey... until back pain, sciatica (shooting leg pain), upper back tightness, and even headaches start showing up! At Schoeb Chiropractic, PLLC pregnant patients are able to lay face down on a treatment table through the entire pregnancy. Both of the tables in the office have a middle section that provides gentle support for the baby and mom during the adjustment. So if your pregnancy is causing back pain, don't hesitate to schedule your appointment... relief is just a phone call away.

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Coming down from the holidays... Headaches.

January is a very typical time to come down with tension or stress related headaches. Why? Well, work is ramping back up, the kids still haven't gotten to bed on time since the holidays, you were traveling or relatives visited you and your home is a mess... the list goes on.

Thankfully, even after one chiropractic adjustment, headaches can start to diminish. In fact, in a review of all the research on headaches and chiropractic care over the past 20 years, many types of headaches can be managed by a chiropractor. Many patients also received long term benefits from chiropractic care- meaning when headaches do return, they are often less severe and less frequent. 

When headaches start to bother you and your loved ones know that relief is often just a phone call (or online scheduling) away.


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Did you know...

The 2nd most common condition taken care of at Schoeb Chiropractic is... Headaches (and migraines)! There are a variety of reasons headaches can occur: too much time on a computer/smartphone, caffeine, sugar, tension, stress, and sometimes even allergies & sinus problems. Whatever the cause, headaches tighten the muscles of the upper neck and shoulders. Neck and upper back adjustments will help the muscles calm down, and also the headaches to diminish, if not go away completely. Most patients start to experience relief almost immediately after their treatment. So start 2018 off right and take care of your spine!

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2018 has arrived! I hope you enjoyed spending time with your family, friends, and those you love this holiday. Here's looking forward to the rest of a healthy 2018. 

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Office hours for the remainder of 2017

Schoeb Chiropractic will be open Tuesday, December 26th through Friday, December 29th. There will be limited availability for emergency patients on January 1st. Regular office hours resume Tuesday, January 2nd. Here's to a happy and healthy 2018!

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